Because Every Word Counts

Corporate responsibility

Courier believes that good citizenship is a fundamental obligation of every company. We are committed to treating our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, neighbors and communities honestly, fairly and with respect.

We believe the exceptional longevity of our customer relationships stems directly from how we treat our customers. Customers know they can count on Courier to understand their needs, act with integrity and take responsibility for the results.

We believe in operating in an environmentally conscious, earth-friendly manner, and we expect our suppliers to do the same. We have also taken the lead in encouraging customers to “go green” by choosing printing technologies, paper stocks and manufacturing venues that minimize books’ environmental impact.

We are proud of our workforce and our workplaces. For 13 consecutive years, Printing Industries of America has recognized Courier as one of the industry’s “Best Workplaces in the Americas.” We invest regularly to maintain that distinction through health, safety and productivity training, rigorous environmental standards, continuous process improvement, and new technologies and product offerings to improve service to customers.

We are considerate of our neighbors and active in support of our employees, families and communities. We support a variety of community organizations through direct charitable giving and we encourage employees to make a difference in the life of their communities.

Underlying all these policies is our deep belief in the inherent value of what we do and what we make, both for our customers and for society as a whole. The technology of books continues to evolve, but their purpose and value endure. Books are vessels of knowledge, information, inspiration and delight. They open minds, they make life richer, and they make the world a better place.