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Content management

We manage a variety of intellectual content for publishers at every stage of the product life cycle, from concept development and customization to execution of multi-print strategies, warehousing, distribution, inventory management, replenishment and disposal. Our advanced technology, long experience, and full command of physical and digital media enable us to move quickly and effectively so customers can seize opportunities in fast-changing markets.

We pioneered the development of specialized software to streamline the creation of customized four-color textbooks for colleges, universities and businesses. Working closely with educational publishers, we have produced books for thousands of classrooms that look and feel like standard editions, but provide a better learning experience because they’re matched to each course’s specific content requirements.

This capability applies across other industries as well. One example: our collaboration with a leading financial services company to produce an automated system for generating fully compliant, up-to-date mutual fund prospectus supplements.

Our innovative publishing platform allows publishers to select features from five powerful modules within the cloud-based tool to best manage internal workflow preferences, from content management to project management. This allows for easy collaboration, access to revisions, task scheduling, and service provider management. Additionally, it allows publishers to convert and preview files in various templates and file types and distribute them to established sales channels.

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