3 Posts Authored by: Tony Nguyen

Standardizing Message Status Across SendGrid, Twilio, Slack, Firebase, and More

Posted by Tony Nguyen on September 17th, 2020

I wanted to share how statuses work today in Courier and some of the things we thought through while building a single source of truth across integration providers. I’ll also explain how we provide open tracking for emails and click-through tracking across all channels.

Onboarding as a Software Engineer During Lockdown Due to Covid-19

Posted by Tony Nguyen on August 25th, 2020

Tony's first week at Courier, which coincided with the first week of the Covid-19 lockdown in San Francisco.

Why Event Driven Architecture Works for Courier

Posted by Tony Nguyen on August 11th, 2020

Event-Driven Architecture: how it works, why we use it at Courier, and what our experience has been like so far.

Authored: Tony Nguyen