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Why Remote Work is Not Here to Stay at Courier

We all spent a year getting used to remote work; now, the big question is how do we transition back to t...

Aman Kandola

September 16, 2021


Introducing Courier Inbox and Toast for Notifications That Don’t Suck

With Courier Toast and Inbox, developers can support custom notifications for their users’ specificities...

Riley Napier

August 31, 2021


The Notifications Strategy that Put Us in the Product Hunt Newsletter

We were able to execute a strategy that helped us rank #5 on launch day and were featured in the Product...

Micah Zayner

July 15, 2021


From MVP to Production Ready With Serverless

In this post, we explore how we use Serverless at Courier, review some Serverless basics, and explore ho...

Chris Gradwohl

June 03, 2021

Courier/Segment/Twilio Thumbnail

Building the Ultimate Notifications Stack with Twilio, Segment, and Courier

Together Courier, Segment, and Twilio make it possible to reach users across every communication channel...

Troy Goode

January 12, 2021


How to White Label Email Notifications for Multiple Brands

If you've ever had to whitelabel emails manually, you know how much of a headache that can be. Here's ho...

Riley Napier

December 15, 2020

GraphQL Thumbnail

Why We Are Moving off REST and Implementing GraphQL

We’re excited to be moving Courier’s internal infrastructure and eventually our customer-facing APIs to ...

Seth Carney

November 17, 2020

Dispatch Thumbnail

Dispatch: Courier’s First Internal Hackathon

One of the most exciting internal events at Courier is our internal hackathon, named “Dispatch”. As we g...

Danny Douglass

October 22, 2020

Lists API thumbnail

Introducing the Lists API: Notify Lists of Users With One API Call

Courier’s Lists API lets you create lists, subscribe recipient profiles, then notify every user on the l...

Nate Munger

October 13, 2020

Generic Courier Thumbnail

Announcing Courier's $10M Series A

We're excited to announce that Courier has raised a $10.1M Series A led by Bessemer Venture Partners, wi...

Troy Goode

September 14, 2020

Starting Work During Lockdown Thumbnail

Onboarding as a Software Engineer During Lockdown Due to Covid-19

Tony's first week at Courier, which coincided with the first week of the Covid-19 lockdown in San Franci...

Tony Nguyen

August 25, 2020

Courier Messages

Why We Built Courier

We built Courier to make sure nobody else ever has to spend millions on custom communication infrastruct...

Troy Goode

July 29, 2020

Build your first notification in minutes

Send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free.

Email & push notification

Build your first notification in minutes

Send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free.

Email & push notification


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