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Audit Trail

All Courier business tier customers gain access to a workspace audit trail which allows you to track a wide range of user activity for all members in a workspace. The audit trail will display supported events related to workspace authentication, security, and core functionality when triggered.

Supported Events


  • API Key Created
  • API Key Deleted
  • API Key Rotated


  • User Invited
  • User Role Changed
  • User Deleted
  • User Logout


  • Workspace Name Changed
  • Workspace Discoverability Updated
  • Workspace Accessibility Updated
  • SSO Required Enabled/Disabled
  • Click-Through Tracking Enabled/Disabled

Design Assets

  • Notification Published
  • Notification Deleted
  • Brand Published
  • Brand Deleted
  • Automation Template Published
  • Automation Template Deleted
  • Preferences Page Published
  • Preferences Notification Linked/Unlinked
  • Preferences Section Created/Deleted
  • Preferences Section Channel Added/Removed
  • Preferences Topic Created/Deleted
  • Preferences Topic Default Status Changed

Outbound Integrations

  • Segment Source Created/Archived/Updated/Restored
  • Rudderstack Source Created/Archived/Updated/Restored

External API support

Audit trail functionality is accessible via our public facing APIs including all the SDKs. Check this out for more details.

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