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2.0 and 3.0 Releases

We've recently created both 2.X and 3.X releases related to this monorepository. This is because we've migrated to a new simpler, streamlined style for our components and there are breaking changes with props and api. Below is a short description of each of our versions:


We created a separate breaking change branch to make sure our bundles are small and optimized. We didn't want to bundle any uneccesary code to support the "classic" theme so 3.0 has removed all the deprecated code.


We introduced a new theme that makes the UX smaller and simplifies the UX. Some of the notable changes are:

Courier Provider
  1. Single list design - no more tabs
  2. Entire message is clickable vs having action buttons
  3. Make all actions (read/unread/archive) displayable without having to click into a menu
  4. Expose "archive" as an action

The 2.X version will now default to this new theme and will utilize our new API that does not have the same data retention as the legacy API.

You can still access the 1.X designs by passing === "classic" to the Inbox component


The 1.X versions will consist of our old UX, and use our legacy APIs. If you are a free tier customer your data retention on 1.X will be limited to 30 days and subject to change.

Courier Provider