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Migrating to new Courier Preferences

Get started with Courier Preferences

If you haven't already, you can get started with Courier Preferences by following the Getting Started Guide.

With the launch of Courier Preferences we're upgrading the unsubscribe link in your emails to a new UI and linking existing user preferences to Courier subscription topics. For each notification template that one of your recipients has unsubscribed from, Courier has created a matching subscription topic in Courier Preferences. Existing preferences for users will still be respected after this migration.

Migrating from Categories

Courier is slowly depreciating the use of categories in notification templates in favor of Courier Preferences. Courier Preferences takes the best parts of categories but adds a lot more flexibility and control and with this migration, your existing categories preferences will still work as you've set them. For each category you've created, we've created a matching subscription topic in Courier Preferences. The topic we've created matches the default state of the category so if you had a category that was enabled by default, the topic will be enabled by default. Recipient preferences attached to categories will still be respected.

Migrating from old Preferences

For users of old Courier Preferences, we've migrated your preferences to the new Courier Preferences. Your preference templates still exist, but are now attached to a section. All your preference temtplate settings have been migrated for you.

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