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Preferences Designer

Preference designer view

Preference Sections

Sections group subscription topics together and they determine which topic delivery channels users can opt in/out of.

Section titled 'Critical' with push and email set as customizable channels

Channel Delivery Customization

Channel Delivery Customization gives recipients the ability to select and set the preference for their preferred delivery channel.

Subscription Topic Settings

If a notification has multiple delivery channels, recipients will be able to set their delivery channel preferences from an external Preferences Page.

Preferences Page With Delivery Channels Customization

Subscription Topics

Subscription topics are sections where you can map a notification template to a specified topic. For example, welcome and onboarding notifications could be mapped to an Invitations topic.

Please note that a notification cannot be mapped to more than one topic.

Subscription Topics Overview



You can set topic properties like Name, the Section it will be in, and its Default State.

Subscription Topics Settings

The Default State defines whether a topic can be opted in or out, and whether it's always required.

  • On - Users who do not take any action will automatically receive notifications in this grouping.
  • Off - Users will not receive these notifications unless they change their preferences.
  • Required - Users will not be able to opt-out of these notifications.

Ways to assign notification template to topic

Option 1: Linked notifications

Topic's linked notifications

Select which notifications templates will fall under this subscription topic. If a template is already part of a different topic, you will be prompted to confirm moving it to the current one.

Notification template search

Option 2: Assign subscription topic on notification template creation

When creating a new notification, you'll see the option to map it to a subscription topic in the creation modal.

New Notificaion Modal

Option 3: Template designer Subscription Topic dropdown

Subscription Topic Dropdown
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