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Preference Center

Courier's Preference Center allows recipients to set more fine-grained controls on their notification preferences.

Preference Center is currently in closed beta

Courier's Preference Center is currently in closed beta. Please contact support to request early access.

Preference Sections

A Preference Section lets users state which topics a recipient can receive notifications through, as well as setting the ability for recipients to customize their delivery channels.

Preference Center Overview

Channel Delivery Customization

Channel Delivery Customization gives recipients the ability to select and set the preference for their preferred delivery channel.

Subscription Topic Settings

If a notification has multiple delivery channels, recipients will be able to set their delivery channel preferences from an external Preferences Page.

Preferences Page With Delivery Channels Customization

Subscription Topics

Subscription Topics are sections where a user can map a notification to a specified topic. For example, welcome and onboarding notifications could be mapped to an Invitations topic.

Please note that a notification cannot be mapped to more than one topic.

Preferences Topics Overview

Subscription Topics Settings

You can customize your topic settings like Name, Section the topic will live in, Default State for your topic, as well as Linked Notifications to the topic.

Preferences Topics Settings

Topic Default State

The Topic default state defines wheter a topic can be opted in or out, and whether it's always required.

  • On: Users who do not take any action will automatically receive notifications in this grouping.
  • Off: Users will not receive these notifications unless they change their preferences.
  • Required: Users will not be able to opt-out of these notifications.

Mapping a Notification to a Subscription Topic

When creating a new notification, users now have the option to map it to a subscription topic in the pop-out modal.

New Notificaion Modal

You may choose to not map your notification to a topic upon creation of a new template, and you can always map a subscription topic from the dropdown menu later on if you prefer.

Preferences Topic Dropdown

Preferences Page

A Preferences Page is an external page that recipients are redirected to where they can customize and set their preferred notification delivery methods.

Recipient Preferences Page

A recipient can select to opt-in or out of a notification (depending on the subscription topic default state)as well as select the preferred delivery channel for a notification (business-tier feature) from this page.

When creating a template, users can attach a Courier Preferences Page hyperlink that will provide an auto-generated link. This link will open a preference center for the recipient where they will be able to establish their notification preferences.

In the hyperlink modal, add {$.urls.preferences} inside the URL form.

Preferences URL
Notification Template With Preferences Hyperlink
User Id

In order for a recipient to successfully set their preferences from a notification, you must include to.user_id in the Send request. This is because the user_id ties the recipient profile to their set preferences. If no user_id is present in the request, the preferences method will not register.

Customizing Delivery Channels

If a notification template has multiple delivery channels configured, a recipient will be able to customize and set their preferred delivery channel from the Preferences Page.

Business Tier Feature

Delivery Channel customization is a Courier Business feature. Please contact our Product Experts for more details.

Once a recipient receives a notification with a link to a Preferences Page, they will have the option to select their preferred delivery channel method. Any further notifications sent to this recipient will adhere by the delivery rules set going forward.

Preferences Page With Delivery Channels

Preferences Page Branding

Just like with email templates, the preferences page can be customized to fit your branding style. The Preference Center will use the the specified default brand to style the Preferences Page.

Default Brand Selected
Customized Preferences Page

Developer and Business tier customers have the option to remove Courier branding from their Preferences Page.