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60 %

Average reduction in operational overhead

50 %

Average increase in notification engagement

480 hrs

Average engineering teams saved per year

5 mins

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Smartest way to deliver cross-channel notifications via one API

Courier API

Courier supports 50+ providers in a single API.

Courier Channels
Courier Channels

Build notification templates in minutes

Deliver the same message across multiple channels using the same data with templates that auto-format for each channel.

Courier Templates


Utilize delayed sends, conditionals and branching logic, and event-driven workflows to achieve your desired messaging strategy.

Courier Automations

Easily search end-to-end notification logs

Allow users to set their notification and communication preferences and then automatically respect those preferences when you send.

Courier Logs
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A reliable, multi-channel notification system that can provide a high quality user experience is essential to the experience we deliver our customers. Teams across our org use Courier to deliver product notifications.

Lexi Ross

Lexi Ross

Sr. Eng Mgr, LaunchDarkly

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