Critical infrastructure for product notifications

  • Deliver an exceptional notification experience

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership for your notification infrastructure

  • Increase agility and shorten your time to market

  • Neal Jean

    Neal Jean

    CEO, Beacons

    We've been using Courier for over a year now, and it's probably saved us more pain (and time!) than any other single platform that we use. The product is getting better all the time and the team is incredible!

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  • Eric Koslow

    Eric Koslow

    CEO, Lattice

    Before Courier we were spending tons of time integrating with every delivery platform every-time a customer requested a new connection from us. But now it's as easy as just a new API call. So so excited about this launch, huge congrats to the Courier team!

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  • Al Yang

    Al Yang

    CEO, Safebase

    We are big fans of Courier. We use it to send all of our notifications. The platform is extremely easy to use and the customer support from the Courier team is supreme. I strongly recommend it!

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  • Yousef Ashparie

    Yousef Ashparie

    Principal Software Engineer, Expel

    We love Courier. We rely on it heavily to send various communications. The designer is a fantastic tool. With it, we are able to get our UX designers working directly on the templates and we can make updates and have them live in seconds.

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