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More Account Capabilities: Delete user from multiple accounts, send limits

More Account Capabilities: Delete user from multiple accounts, send limits

Account management improvements

Note that the Accounts feature is still in private beta. If you wish to gain access, please contact our support team.

User deletion across multiple accounts

Our new feature allows for efficient user management by enabling you to remove a user from multiple accounts with a single API call.

  • Add a user to multiple accounts at once by using this endpoint: (method: PUT).
  • You can remove a user from all associated accounts using this endpoint: (method: DELETE).
  • To remove a user from a specific account, use this endpoint: (method: DELETE).

For more details, refer to the User Membership Documentation.

Send limits for accounts

We've introduced a feature that allows you to set send limits for accounts, providing you with more control over the number of messages that can be sent per user or per account within a specified time period.

  • You can set send limits globally (all messages), per user, per user per subscription topic, or per account.
  • Time periods include billing period, hour, day, week, or month.
  • Messages pushing the counter over the set limit will be recorded as "Throttled" in the logs.

More details can be found in our Send Guardrails Documentation.

New integration support for Segment and RudderStack

Improvements and Fixes

UI updates

  • Updated the primary site navigation with a new sidebar and drawer for an improved user experience.
  • Refreshed the logs view with a new table and sidebar, enhancing the interface's readability and usability.


Bug fixes and other

  • Addressed an issue with infinite scrolling on the audit trail table.
  • Improved Vonage error handling.

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