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Take control of your customer communications.

Product teams should deliver exceptional communications across channels like email, SMS, Slack, etc. A great notification infrastructure should boost engagement and retention while reducing engineering complexity.

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What our customers are saying

  • At Vaporware, we're huge fans of Courier. We're constantly developing MVPs and iterating quickly, and a full-fledged Notification system where developers just send data events (or better yet, just use segment events) and product managers can quickly iterate on design and content for email and SMS channels has been huge. Doing all of that in 30 minutes takes us from 0 to hero for our startups. Better yet, B2B SaaS companies love it since we can do white-labeling through their branding, complex batching or weekly digests through their automations, and even in-app notifications/preference management which took weeks to build from scratch. Oh, and it scales. Swap in providers at will to improve deliverability or get better pricing. It's 100% in our toolbox and isn't going away any time soon. This is a "duh" product for any development team.

    Dan Moore Avatar

    Dan Moore


  • "Great product, saves a lot of development time." I like the fact you can quickly add providers to support new channels of communication with minimum code. We use Slack, Teams and Email and it saves a lot of time to have our content editable by non-technical users in a central place. Before we did all our notification templates in-code and developers were a bottleneck to the smallest change. It is no longer the case now, thanks to Courier. We can focus our energy on another aspect of our product. I find the paid plans to be affordable as well.

    Eric R.

    Product lead, Small-Business

  • "The best way to deliver notifications" Courier's underlying metaphor makes it very easy to reason about your notification's intent, design, and delivery. The API is very straightforward, the UX is great, and the reliability is top notch. It's a breeze to create new notifications, and requires vastly less effort by developers, allowing product people and designers to own much of the process, while still creating technically excellent output.

    Aaron W.

    CTO, Small-Business

  • The product/API experience is extremely well crafted and followed up by insanely engaged and humane support. This team has been building quality features at a blistering clip and has helped us eliminate thousands of lines of wonky code and templates, and our customers’ notifications are more professional than ever.

    Aaron White Avatar

    Aaron White

    Founder, Blissfully

  • With Courier, we can manage every notification, for every user, across every channel, in one easy-to-use platform.

    Cooper Newby Avatar

    Cooper Newby

    CPO, BlueCrew

Effortless product notification with Courier

Empower your nontechnical users

with no-code templates, a WYSIWYG designer, and a preference center.

Increase speed to market

for products with built-in automation that handles complex notification workflows in minutes and a broad ecosystem of integrations with the industry's leading providers.

Gain complete visibility

over notification performance across all channels, templates and providers.

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Build your first notification in minutes

Send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free.

Email & push notification

Build your first notification in minutes

Send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free.

Email & push notification









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