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POST /send

Custom Formatting

To improve working with cURL, Courier also supports a custom urlencoded format that can be used in the place of JSON. This format allows nested data values using square bracket syntax. This is useful when passing profile and data parameters. For example, a cURL --data option with the profile parameter and a nested email would look like this:

--data "profile[email]"

Send Response Data

Sending a message is an async process. So upon submission of a message, only a messageId will be returned.

{ "messageId": "87e7c05b-4f46-fda24e356e23" }


Method: POST

Body Parameters

A unique identifier that can be mapped to an individual Notification. This could be the "Notification ID” on Notification detail pages (see the Notifications page in the Courier app) or a custom string mapped to the event in settings.
A unique identifier associated with the recipient of the delivered message.
A unique identifier that represents the brand that should be used for rendering the notification.
An object that includes any data you want to pass to a message template. The data will populate the corresponding template variables.
An object that is merged into the request sent by Courier to the provider to override properties or to gain access to features in the provider API that are not natively supported by Courier.
An object that includes any preferences for the recipient.
An object that includes any key-value pairs required by your chosen Integrations (see our Provider Documentation for the requirements for each Integration.) If profile information is included in the request and that information already exists in the profile for the recipientId, that information will be merged.


status: 200 OK

A unique identifier associated with the message sent.

status: 400 Bad Request

A message describing the error that occurred.
[invalid_request_error] The type of error that occurred.

Request Example

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '
"recipient": "8ec8c99a-c5f7-455b-9f60-8222b8a27056",
"brand": "W50NC77P524K14M5300PGPEK4JMJ",
"data": {
"name": "Jane Doe",
"age": 27
"profile": {
"phone_number": "2025550125",
"email": ""

Responses Example

"messageId": "1-5e2b2615-05efbb3acab9172f88dd3f6f"
"message": "Error Message",
"type": "invalid_request_error"