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Courier is the smartest way to design & deliver notifications. Design once, deliver to any channel with one API.

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Use one of our Getting Started Guides to help you start sending notifications.

API Reference

Learn more about the Courier REST API


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Learn what is needed to integrate with the many supported channel providers.

Client Libraries

Prebuilt libraries and sample code for popular languages.

import { CourierClient } from "@trycourier/courier";

const courier = CourierClient({ authorizationToken: "<AUTH_TOKEN>" }); // get from the Courier UI

// Example: send a basic message to an email recipient
const { requestId } = await courier.send({
message: {
to: {
data: {
name: "Marty",
email: "",
content: {
title: "Back to the Future",
body: "Oh my {{name}}, we need 1.21 Gigawatts!",
routing: {
method: "single",
channels: ["email"],

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You can also check out the blog posts for all our previous Courier Live episodes.