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Welcome to the Courier Docs

Find all the tutorials and resources you need to build product notifications with Courier.


Our platform is designed around a small number of key concepts that make it easy to build powerful notification experiences while also being flexible enough to integrate into whatever kind of application or system you may be building.

Server SDK Libraries

You can access our REST API and integrate Courier into your application using one of our server SDK libraries.

import { CourierClient } from "@trycourier/courier";

const courier = CourierClient({ authorizationToken: "<AUTH_TOKEN>" }); // get from the Courier UI

// Example: send a basic message to an email recipient
const { requestId } = await courier.send({
message: {
to: {
data: {
name: "Marty",
email: "",
content: {
title: "Back to the Future",
body: "Oh my {{name}}, we need 1.21 Gigawatts!",
routing: {
method: "single",
channels: ["email"],

Join the Community

Connect with the Courier developer community on the Courier Discord Server. Get community support, share ideas and inspiration, join our beta programs, and much more.