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Courier Preferences gives your users the ability to control which notification topics they receive, through the channels of their choice. This feature is designed to give your users control over their communication preferences and to help you comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Channel Delivery Customization

Channel Delivery Customization — i.e. allowing users to choose specific channels (email, push, SMS) for different topics — is only available to customers on the Business & Enterprise tier. Request a demo

How Preferences Work

Notification templates that contain similar information can be designated to Subscription Topics. Subscription topics that are related can be grouped into Preference Sections.

You can create and manage these sections and topics in the Preferences Editor. Once configured, you can enable users to set their communication preferences via our hosted Preference Center, Preferences React Components, or the User Preferences API.

Subscription Topics

Subscription topics are categories of notifications that users can opt-in and out of. For example:

  • Promotions
  • Order Status Updates
  • Event Announcements
  • Payment Processing
  • Password Changes

A notification template can only be mapped to a single subscription topic.

Subscription Topic Default State

Subscription topics are configured to have a default state of ON, OFF, or REQUIRED. Users can opt-in or opt-out of a subscription topic to override these default settings. A topic set as REQUIRED will prevent users from opting out of those notifications.

Learn more about Subscription Topics here.

Preference Sections

Preference Sections are groups of subscription topics that your users can manage their preferred communications channels with. For example:

  • Marketing
  • Billing
  • Sign-in and Security

Learn more about Preference Sections here.

Using your Preferences

Use the Preferences Editor to create and configure individual Subscription topics and Preference Sections.

Learn more about the Preferences Editor here.

Preference Center

The Preference Center is a Courier-hosted page that displays Subscription Topics and Preference Sections for users to set their communication preferences. This page can be customized in the Preferences Editor. For enterprise customers, the page is styled by your default brand and displays your logo and links in the header and footer respectively.

When sending a notification that is linked to a subscription topic, user preferences are respected first before tenant preferences, notification conditions, or channel conditions.

Prerequisite: User Id

In order for a recipient to successfully set their preferences from a link within a notification, you must include to.user_id in the Send request. This is because the user_id ties the recipient profile to their set preferences. If no user_id is present in the request, the preferences method will not register.

Learn more about the hosted Preference Center here.

Tenants and User Preferences

Tenants and User Preferences can be used together to create preferences per user