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Courier CLI


This feature is currently in Public Beta and is under active development. Please note that the API may change and that this feature is not covered under the Enterprise SLA.

The Courier CLI is a developer tool to help you build, test, and manage your integration with Courier directly from the command line. It’s simple to install, works on macOS, Windows, and Linux, and offers a range of functionality to enhance your developer experience with Courier. You can use the Courier CLI to:

  • Send messages from the command line to users, lists, or audiences
  • Track events to trigger your Courier Automations
  • Push & pull industry-standard translation files for internationalizing your content

Installing the Courier CLI

From the command-line, use the following command to install the Courier CLI and set your API key:

$ npm install -g @trycourier/cli
$ courier config --apikey <your-api-key>


  • Courier CLI has only been tested on node.js v18+

Authenticate the CLI

The fastest way to get started is to run:

$ courier config --apikey <your-api-key>

Courier CLI looks for an environment variable named COURIER_API_KEY. It will load that key from the first location it finds in the following list:

  • A .courier file in the current working directory
  • ~/.courier (in your home directory)
  • A COURIER_API_KEY value otherwise set in your environment (such as via ~/.profile or ~/.zshrc)

You can find your Courier API key in your Courier Settings.


  • courier config – Set your Courier API key
  • courier whoami – Display the currently authenticated workspace
  • courier send - Send a notification to a user, list, or audience
  • courier track - Send a track event to trigger a Courier Automations
  • courier users:get - Fetch the data for a given user ID
  • courier users:set - Overwrite a user's profile with the provided data
  • courier digests:flush – Flush any currently queued events for a given user + digest
  • courier translations:upload - Upload .PO files to your Courier workspace
  • courier translations:download - Download .PO files from your Courier workspace

For more details, run courier to see a list of commands and their arguments & options.


$ courier send --tel 555-867-5309 --body "Hey Jenny\\!"
$ courier send --user user123 --template my-template-id --foo bar
$ courier send --email --title "My Subject" --body "My Body"
$ courier send --user user123 --title "Important\\!" --body "Lorem Ipsum" --channels sms,push
$ courier send --user user123 --elemental my-template.json --foo bar

$ courier track my-event user123 --foo bar

$ courier users:get user123
$ courier users:set user123 --email --tel 555-867-5309

$ courier digests:flush user123 my-digest-id

$ courier translations:upload en-US ./translations/en-US.po
$ courier translations:download en-US --text > example.en-US.po

You can find the source for the Courier CLI on Github.