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Preference Center

The Preference Center is a Courier-hosted page that recipients are redirected to where they can customize and set their preferred notification delivery methods.

Preference Center

A recipient can select to opt-in or out of a notification (depending on the subscription topic default state) as well as select the preferred delivery channel for a notification (business-tier feature) from this page.

When designing a notification template, users can insert a variable link {$.urls.preferences} to the Courier Preference Center that will provide an auto-generated url. This link will open the hosted Preference Center where the recipient can configure their notifications preferences.

User Id

In order for a recipient to successfully set their preferences from a notification, you must include to.user_id in the Send request. This is because the user_id maps the recipient profile to their set preferences. If no user_id is present in the request, the preferences method will not register.

Link to the Preference Center from within a notification body by creating a link, and specify {$.urls.preferences} as the URL.

Preferences URL
Notification Preview

Sending a preview email from the notification template will attach a mock URL instead of the preference hosted page.

The Preference Center link variable {$.urls.preferences} can also be added to directly to the brand footer.

Brand Template With Preferences Hyperlink

In addition to the Preferences Center, an unsubscribe link can be added to unsubscribe recipients from the entire subscription topic. Use {$.urls.unsubscribe} to add an auto-generated unsubscribe link to your notification.

Unsubscribe Hyperlink

The unsubscribe link will redirect a recipient to a Preferences page confirmation that they have been unsubscribed from the entire notification and topic.

Single Subscription Topic

The unsubscribe link will opt a user out of the entire notification including any channels associated to it and redirect them to a successfully unsubscribed confirmation page. The page will only display the subscription topic associated to that notification.

Unsubscribe Page

Preference Center Branding

Just like with email templates, the Preference Center can be customized with your brand. The Preference Center will use the the logo and colors from your default brand.

Preview the Preference Center

To preview the Hosted Preference Page, navigate to the Preference Editor and click on Preview Page.

Preview Button in Preference Editor

Delivery Channel Customization

If a notification template has multiple delivery channels configured, a recipient will be able to customize and set their preferred delivery channel from the Preferences Page.

Business Tier Feature

Delivery Channel customization is a Courier Business feature. Please contact our Product Experts for more details.

Remove 'Powered by Courier' Watermark

Developer and Business tier customers have the option to remove the 'Powered by Courier' watermark from the Preference Center.

  1. Go to the workspace settings
  2. Toggle "Remove Courier branding and watermark"
  3. Re-publish hosted page in Preference Editor