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How to Configure PagerDuty:


  • Pagerduty account with elevated privileges
  • Pagerduty Service created and configured with Events API v2 integration

Configure PagerDuty Integration

  1. In your PagerDuty account, navigate to the desired Service and access its "Integrations" settings.
  2. Add a new "Events API v2" integration and configure it according to your requirements.
  3. Copy the Integration Key provided by PagerDuty for the newly created integration.
  4. Navigate to the PagerDuty integration setup page in your Courier account and provide the necessary information, including the Integration Key.
Routing KeyPaste the Integration Key obtained from PagerDuty.
Event ActionSpecify the event action (e.g., trigger) for the notifications.
SourceEnter the host name or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the source sending the notifications.
SeverityChoose the appropriate severity level (e.g., info, warning, error, critical) for the notifications.


Routing Key

You can override the routing key by specifying a routing_key in the user profile using profile.pagerduty.routing_key.

"profile": {
"pagerduty": {

If a routing_key is specified in profile.pagerduty, it will take precedence over the routing key from the main configuration.


You can use the provider override the payload sent to PagerDuty's Events API. Supported overrides include the Severity and Source.

"message": {
"to": {
"user_id": "1234567890"
"providers": {
"pagerduty": {
"override": {
"body": {
"payload": {
"severity": "error",
"source": "a different source"

For more information on supported payload overrides, refer to the PagerDuty Events API v2 documentation.