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Preferences API

The Preferences API allows for notifications to be disabled per recipient. This can be done using the API described below or by adding an Unsubscribe Link to the notification.

To add an Unsubscribe Link to a notification, add a link to the notification and set the Hyperlink URL to {$.urls.unsubscribe}. This will create a link that will disable the notification for the recipient and present them with a "You have been unsubscribed from this notification." message.

The User ID

In order for a recipient to be unsubscribed from your notification, you must include to.user_id in the Send request. This is because the user_id ties the recipient profile to their set preferences. So if no user_id is present in the request, the unsubscribe method will not work.

If the recipient would like to start receiving the notification again, it will need to be re-enabled using the API.