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How to Send a One-Time Notification

What is a one-time notification?

A one-time notification is a notification that is sent to your users manually using Courier's UI. This product feature enables a one time send to be crafted and sent to your users in under 5 minutes. If you need to update your users quickly with a notification, One-Time Send is the tool for you.

How to use Courier’s One-Time Send feature

Select which channel you’d like to send a notification through. A provider will then automatically be chosen for you. This selection is only made given that you have configured providers on your account. From here, write your message, and then send the notification immediately or schedule the notification for later.

How do I send notifications with the SMS channel?

The SMS channel includes a safeguard for sending notifications. First, write out a text message you would like to send to a user. In order to have this notification sent, first input text and then hit the ‘enter/return’ key on your keyboard to activate a text. Your UI will have your text appear activated within a blue text bubble. To send this SMS notification, after activation, you must then click on "Send Now" or "Schedule", depending on whether you'd want to send this notification immediately or schedule it for later.

It’s important to note that texts are sent in the order of the blue text bubbles. You can delete blue text bubbles as well by clicking on the “x” found within the bubble. We will be introducing more functionality to this section in the near future. Below is an image of what it looks like upon hitting ‘enter/return’, activating a SMS notification.

How do I change my branding?

Your default brand will only be present within Courier's One-Time Send. Ensure that you have a default branding option selected, this option will show up within ont-time send for you automatically. To change your branding default settings, visit our page on brands.

Once you’ve created the branding that you’d like to view within Courier's One-Time Send, then hit the gear icon on the top left to visit the settings module in order to make it your default branding.

From here, select the option “Set as Default”. Note, if you do not see this option this means that this brand is currently set as your default branding.

These changes will be reflected within our UI.

How do I add users?

If you’re choosing to send to users via Email or SMS, you can directly write the recipient’s email address or phone number (with area code included) right into the “To:” section of Courier's One-Time Send and ensure that you hit 'enter/return' afterwards to register this input.

You can also add users by visiting our “Users” tab here. Here you can add users, and create lists, and audiences as well. Once this is complete, these changes/additions will be visible through Courier's One-Time Send. Simply search for your recipient and you will see them appear in the dropdown of options.

How can I start sending Slack and/or Teams notifications?

Both Slack and Teams are providers that connect to the Courier app within the 'Chat' channel. In order to start sending notifications through Slack and/or Teams, both providers must be configured providers.

You can preview a list of Chat providers we provide here. Select whichever provider interests you, and configure it. Upon configuration, you will see your configuration appear within Courier's One-Time Send.

How do I personalize my notifications to users?

Adding variables can help you personalize your notifications when sending to your users. You can extract user profile information, making your notification more personalized to your users.

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to use variables within your notifications.

How do I preview a notification?

Crafting and previewing a notification is synchronous within Courier's One-Time Send. We’ve completely gotten rid of the preview as the notification that you craft is what the user will evidently see. Give this a try, craft an email notification, and send it to yourself. You’ll see that the experience of crafting a notification and receiving is quite literally the same. This applies to all channels and hopefully makes your experience much easier as a customer.