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Viber Requirements

  1. An active viber account logged into either the iOS or Android app.
  2. A Viber bot. A bot can be created here. Make a note of the auth token, referred throughout this document as VIBER_AUTH_TOKEN.
  3. An active webhooks server that can receive POST requests from Viber. Viber provides a nodejs utility for handling these requests here.

Webhooks Server.

Before sending notifications Viber requires a webhooks server to be registered. This can be done using the following cURL command:

 curl -X POST ''\
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'\
-H 'X-Viber-Auth-Token: <VIBER_AUTH_TOKEN>'\
-d '{ "url": "<YOUR_WEBHOOK_SERVER_URL>", "event_types": ["delivered"] }'

This webhooks server will receive events including UserID's of users who wish to subscribe and notification delivery status events. These events are documented here.

Sending a Direct Message

To send a direct message to a user, supply the UserID to the "reciever" field of the Viber profile object. This UserID is sent to the webhooks server after they send a message to the Viber bot.

// Recipient Profile
"viber": {
"receiver": "12943673=="
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