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How to configure PagerDuty:


  • Pagerduty account with elevated privileges
  • Pagerduty Service created and configured with Events-v2 integration

Add Event-v2 integration to your Pagerduty Service

Once the integration is configured, you will see something like this:

Click on the setting toggle on the top right corner, and copy Integration Key:

Create notification Template in Courier like following, hit publish and start using this template to send push notifications to your PagerDuty service:


You can use the provider override to replace what we send to PagerDuty's Events API. Supported overrides include the Severity and Source. Here's an example where we override both:

"profile": {},
"override": {
"pagerduty": {
"body": {
"payload": {
"severity": "error",
"source": "a different source"

Other supported payload overrides are here.