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This feature is available to Business-tier customers.

Courier provides observability integrations to help you gain insights into your message delivery. You can use these insights to understand how your messages are being delivered and to identify any issues with your message delivery. Courier currently supports Datadog as an observability integration. We are working on adding more integrations.


Courier provides the following metrics:

Account Metrics

  • courier.account.created
  • courier.account.updated
  • courier.account.deleted

Account User Relationship Metrics

  • courier.account.user.added
  • courier.account.user.removed

Automation Metrics

  • courier.automation.invoked
  • courier.automation.throttled
  • courier.automation.digest.triggered
  • courier.automation.batch.triggered
  • courier.automation.fetch-data-step.errored

Message Delivery

  • courier.message.received
  • courier.message.delivered
  • courier.message.filtered
  • courier.message.throttled
  • courier.message.unmapped
  • courier.message.unroutable
  • courier.message.undeliverable
  • courier.message.sent
  • courier.message.unique.sent
  • courier.message.unique.opened
  • courier.message.unique.clicked

User Profile

  • courier.user.created
  • courier.user.updated
  • courier.user.deleted

Channel Delivery

[channel] can be any of the following: email, sms, push, or chat.

  • courier.[channel].delivered
  • courier.[channel].error
  • courier.[channel].sent
  • courier.[channel].undeliverable

Inbox Connection Metrics

  • courier.inbox.connection_attempt
  • courier.inbox.connection_error
  • courier.inbox.notified
  • courier.inbox.reconnection_attempt

List Subscription and Unsubscription

  • courier.list.subscribed
  • courier.list.unsubscribed


  • courier.audience.matched
  • courier.audience.unmatched

Metrics are pre-aggregated by a tumbling window of 10 seconds which are then sent in real-time to your observability integration (Datadog) when a message is delivered, sent, or undeliverable from Courier.


Courier also provides logs that correspond to the metrics. These logs are also sent to your observability integration. Logs are sent in near real-time.


All the metrics and logs are segmented by your Courier environment, which could be production or test. You can use this to filter the metrics and logs by environment.

We are working on adding more metrics and logs. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to support.