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The Lists API helps you build lists of users, which is useful for when you want to easily send messages to a group. List are defined by subscribing or unsubscribing users to them. This is different from audiences in which the members of the audience are defined dynamically based on user attributes.

API Endpoint

Make a request to get the first page of results:

Cursor Pagination

Courier APIs that return a list of results in the response can be paginated with a cursor query parameter. Pagination using a cursor query parameter is a method to retrieve a large set of results in smaller, more manageable chunks.

Points to Consider

  • Endpoint Design: Ensure your API endpoint is designed to support cursor-based pagination.

  • Cursor Generation: The cursor should be a unique identifier that efficiently references the position in the dataset (e.g., an encoded ID of the last retrieved item).

  • Handling End of Data: The response should indicate when there are no more results (e.g., next_cursor being null or absent).

  • Error Handling: Implement appropriate error handling for network issues and API rate limits.