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The send API lets you send a message to one or more recipients with a single call. Messages are sent asynchronously, so when you call the send API, the response will contain a request ID that you can use to check the status of your message later.

Recipients come in several forms:

  • User - A single user
  • List - A pre-defined list of users stored with Courier
  • List pattern - A pattern that can target multiple lists of users at once
  • Audience - A Courier audience containing users.

You may also pass an array containing any combination of the above.

For ad-hoc users:

"message": {
"to": {
"email": "",
"phone_number": "+123456789"

For ad-hoc lists:

"message": {
"to": [
{"email": ""},
{"email": ""}

There are two styles of notification sending:

  • by template
  • ad-hoc

To send by template, first create a notification using Courier Studio, then pass the template ID in your send call. To send ad-hoc, include the content of the notification directly in the send call using Elemental.