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About Us

Courier's mission is to make software to human communication delightful.

Our Values

Zoom Out
Don't just stay in your lane. Take the blinders off and look at the entire business.

Have An Opinion
Each team member is an expert on what success will look like for Courier. Nobody else has the answers.

Keep It Real
Be honest with ourselves about what is going really well, and what isn't. Celebrate wins and have hard conversations.

There will always be more work to do than people to do it. If you see something that needs to get done, just f*cking do it. Don't wait for someone else.

Talk To Customers
Working with developers isn't a job role here - it is something we all need to do. Hop on a Zoom, reach out in Slack, build a relationship.

We are backed by great investors

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Help us improve software to human communication.

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Get the latest from Courier



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