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Message limits, email open tracking, SendGrid import

Message limits, email open tracking, SendGrid import

Send limits open beta: message limit management

We are excited to introduce send limits, now in open beta for Courier, a feature that allows you to set upper limits on the number of messages sent per time period. Courier business plan customers can configure these limits globally, or per user, or per user per subscription topic. Exclusions for certain subscription topics can also be set up, ensuring essential messages are always delivered. Send limits offers various time periods for setting limits, such as billing period, hour, day, week (starting on Sunday), and month. When a message exceeds the set limit, it will not be sent, and the logs will show it as "Throttled." Tenant admin(s) will receive a notification email when this happens (limited to one email per 24-hour period). You can configure send limits in your workspace settings. With send limits, you can efficiently control your messaging volume and ensure critical notifications are prioritized.


Template overrides: email open tracking support

Good news: email open tracking is now supported even when using template overrides, and should work out of the box going forward. What does this mean? Now you can easily track when someone opens an email: this will be displayed in your Courier logs, even if you are overriding the contents of the template through the HTML-based editor. Simply send an email as before, and then head on over to Logs in the lower left hand corner of your Courier dashboard. From the list there, you can click on the email to see some details about when or if it was opened (outlined in the red boxes).


Improvements and fixes

  • Added the ability to import existing SendGrid email templates.
  • Fixed Fetch Data step for certain /GET methods.
  • Fixed a bug in the Automations Send-to-List Node that was causing the automation to not send notifications correctly.

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