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One-time sends, auto multi-channel content, and template usage insights

One-time sends, auto multi-channel content, and template usage insights

One-Time Send

One-Time Send is a new feature that streamlines the process of manually sending one-off notifications to your users using Courier's UI. In just a few minutes, you can craft and send a notification, making it ideal for delivering urgent updates or announcements.

This versatile tool supports various channels, including email, SMS, chat, and push notifications, and allows for personalization through variables. One-Time Send is compatible with provider configurations like Slack and Teams, so you can easily reach your audience through their preferred communication channels.

One-Time Send also offers flexibility in scheduling notifications. If you don't want to send a notification immediately, you can schedule it for a specific date and time. This feature is particularly useful for coordinating announcements, promotions, or other time-sensitive communications.

To get started with One-Time Send and explore its many features, check out the One-Time Send documentation. one-time-send-ui

Auto multi-channel content generation

We're excited to announce a new feature that simplifies content creation across multiple channels. With auto multi-channel content generation, you can now generate content for new channels based on existing content from other channels. For instance, if you have a notification with content already set up for the email channel and want to add an SMS channel, our system will provide you with an option to generate content for the SMS channel using GPT.

This feature allows you to efficiently create consistent messaging across various channels, saving you time and effort.

Notification template “last sent” field

We've introduced a small yet impactful improvement to the templates list page. Previously, the page displayed only the name, channels, tags, and notes for each template, requiring you to navigate into a specific notification to view more details. Now, the overview page also includes the "last sent" timestamps for each notification template, providing you with a clearer picture of template usage.

In addition, the Automations page now displays the "last invoked" timestamp for each automation template. These quality-of-life enhancements are designed to improve your overall user experience by making it easier to keep track of your notifications and automations.

Improvements and fixes

  • Shipped a QoL improvement to show “last invoked” timestamps on the automation templates list page
  • Fixed a bug related to React toast click action
  • Updated the MS Teams docs
  • Updated the Segment docs

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