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Digests, batching, throttling in Automations, and Android Inbox

Digests, batching, throttling in Automations, and Android Inbox

This week we're excited to announce availability of digests, batching, and throttling in Automations. In addition, we've made a series of improvements and fixes to help you deliver even better product notifications to your users.

Digests, batching, and throttling in Courier Automations

Now in Beta, digests, batching, and throttling give you control over the frequency and grouping of notifications, ensuring your users receive relevant alerts and updates without overwhelming them.

These are highly-requested features for Courier Automations, but we didn’t want to rush a solution to market. Instead, we took time to get extensive feedback from the community and provide something that we think you’ll love. Here’s what’s available:


This feature consolidates notifications of the same type into a single notification sent at a regularly scheduled interval. This is particularly useful for users seeking updates while avoiding an inundated inbox filled with numerous standalone notifications. Check out the docs for more detailed information.

There is a full video walkthrough of digests available on Loom.


Notification batching consolidates notifications of different types and topics into a single notification. This helps reduce the overall volume of notifications that your users receive while keeping them informed about a range of activities. Read more about batching in the docs.


Throttling provides a way to control the number of notifications a recipient receives within a specified timeframe. This feature is designed to prevent information overload, ensuring that recipients aren't overwhelmed with too many alerts or messages. It's especially useful for alert notifications and email campaigns where it's important to strike a balance between keeping users informed and not overloading them. More details can be found in our docs.

Improvements and fixes

  • Added the ability to pin messages at the top of an in-app inbox built with Courier. This feature is in private Beta. Please reach out to if you’d like to try it.
  • Released an in-app inbox SDK for Android. You can access it on GitHub here.
  • Made a bunch of enhancements to the Users page of the web app to improve look, feel, and usability.
  • Updated send pipeline error handling to be more robust.
  • Added subscription topic support in the send API. More information can be found here.
  • Added support for translation PO files. This feature is available with Courier’s Business plan.
  • Fixed a bug causing message received metrics to have the wrong Notification ID in Datadog and New Relic integrations. More details can be found here.
  • Fixed a bug causing the logs UI to break when sending an invalid message via the API.
  • Fixed a bug related to loading more results on the Users page.

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