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Accounts API, dynamic data mapping for notification templates

Accounts API, dynamic data mapping for notification templates

Accounts API, multi-tenancy

We are excited to introduce the Courier Accounts API, in private Beta. Please contact Courier support for access. Designed to enable multi-tenant notification workflows, the Accounts API lets you define user-to-account-level relationships, especially useful in the context of B2B applications. For example to send branded notifications or create a Slack-bot on behalf of an organization.

It’s not yet fully featured, so our team is working hard on improvements over the coming weeks. For more details on what’s available in the private Beta, refer to our documentation.

Dynamic data mapping to notification templates in Automations

You can now map data attributes to variables inside of a template, making it much easier to create tailored up-to-date notifications for each user.

Dynamic data fields are available from the template designer in the Courier UI or as an ad-hoc automation through the refs object syntax. This syntax includes properties such as brand, data, profile, template, and recipient, each of which can be set using the invoke the API. Specific data attributes can then be mapped to different variables directly in the JSON editor, providing even more control and customization over your notifications.

This update significantly simplifies the customization process, helping users create more personalized, targeted notifications. For more detailed information, check out our documentation.

Fixes and improvements

  • JavaScript string interpolation is now supported for automation cancellation tokens. This improvement allows for greater flexibility in your automation processes.
  • The Translate helper tool now supports pluralization, adding more customization options for your notifications. Learn more in our documentation.
  • Refreshed the look and feel of the Automations list view for a more user-friendly experience. Check out the updated view.
  • Improved error code resolution and the categorization of provider errors in the logs. Expanded the umbrella of errors that are considered retryable. More errors will now show up in the logs, leading to more consistent and correct error handling on sends.
  • Fixed a broken Jsonnet documentation link inside the Jsonnet block in the designer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented cancellation tokens from being set to values like, which hindered the template execution.
  • API calls to retrieve a single message now return a 404 if the message is not found, fixing a bug where messages with unknown message IDs returned an error.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented locales from being respected for Firebase rendering.
  • SendGrid 400 status codes are no longer retryable.
  • Fixed a bug in automation triggers that prevented single date schedule triggers from working properly.

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