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Message cancellation, user-account association

Message cancellation, user-account association

Message cancellation

Our latest feature, message cancellation, allows you to halt a message that's in the process of being delivered. This gives you the ability to make last-minute changes or corrections as needed.

When a cancellation request is made via our API, the system checks the status of the message. If the message hasn't been sent yet, the system will cancel it and return a 200 status code and an updated message record with a CANCELED status. If the message has already been sent, the system will return a 409 status code indicating that the cancellation wasn't successful.

It's important to note that a CANCELED status represents a best-effort attempt at cancellation, and in rare cases, it might still be possible for a message to be delivered due to timing issues with event logging.

Currently, message cancellation is applicable to single-recipient messages. For messages with multiple recipients, we're working on additional functionalities, which we'll introduce in the future.

For a detailed explanation and use cases for message cancellation, you can refer to our documentation.

User-account association via API

Expanding upon our current functionalities, we are now offering the ability to associate users with accounts through our API. This change enables you to include an account ID in a send call, thereby programmatically associating a send call with a user ID. The introduction of this feature paves the way for more sophisticated user-account structures, fostering better organization and streamlining of your multi-tenant notification workflows.

A primary use case for this feature is in the context of B2B applications. For instance, you can now send branded notifications on behalf of an organization or even create Slack bots for specific organizations. The ability to establish and leverage user-to-account relationships directly impacts your ability to tailor and target your communication strategies effectively.

The introduction of the user-account association via API is currently in private beta. For more information or access, please contact Courier support. Detailed information about this new feature can also be found in our Accounts documentation.

UI improvements

  • Updated the look and feel of various tables across the web app, providing a cleaner and more user-friendly interface.
  • The default sorting for automations and brands has been updated, providing a more intuitive organization.
  • The height and caret style of the automations list have been updated for better visibility and usability.
  • The timestamp format on notifications, automations, and user pages has been updated to be in a relative format, enhancing readability.
  • Added clarification around UTC time for scheduling, ensuring more accurate and reliable scheduling of notifications. (Documentation)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed EU instructions for Mailgun, ensuring smoother setup and integration. (Documentation)
  • Fixed a bug in the documentation regarding Slack message replacement, offering correct guidance on setting the replacement key path. (Documentation) (Replacement key path)


  • Added guidelines on how to run an automation invocation from the designer. (Documentation)

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