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Courier as a Source

You can configure Courier to send events to your segment integration. This allows you to track Courier events in segment.

Add Couier as Segment Source

Add Couier as Segment Sourcep

Add Segment Write Key

Add Segment Write Key

From Segment

  1. In Segment, navigate to the Sources page (under “Connections”).
  2. Select your framework of choice (e.g. Node.js).
  3. Get a write key.
Write Key

Once you've added Node.js as a source, you'll see a page with instructions on how to add Segment to your Node.js codebase. You'll be given a write key, which you can copy.

  1. Insert your Segment Write Key in the Segment source write key input in Courier Studio.
  2. Click away from the input field to save and the value will be masked like below.
Courier - Segment Write Key Saved

After adding your Segment write key, Courier will send updates to Segment. Update events include messages being sent, opened, clicked, delivered, unroutable, and undeliverable.

Courier - Example Courier Segment Event

Inside Courier

These events will also be forwarded to Courier, if you've set it as a destination

Courier - Courier Events from Segment

You can then use these events to map other automations

Courier - Courier Events from Segment Configured
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