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Domain IP Lookup

How Does Domain IP Record Lookup Work?

Domain IP record lookup is used to find the IP address and its status. Earlier, developers had to use command lines to find the IP address of a domain, and it was a time-consuming approach. With the introduction of domain IP lookup tools, anyone can easily find the IP details using the domain name within seconds.

So, you just need to enter the domain name, and the IP lookup tool will return the necessary details, including its IP address, location, coordinates, etc.

Domain IP Lookup - Understanding The Benefits

Performing domain IP lookups is very important for network troubleshooting and security. Here are some of the significant uses of domain IP lookups:

  • Allows you to track anonymous users/websites that perform suspicious activities on your websites.
  • Helps to identify the geo-locations and coordinates of the server.
  • Allows you to block websites involved in malicious activities like sending phishing emails.
  • Allows you to block other cyber attacks through the internet.
  • Using an IP address instead of the domain can improve SEO.

Domain IP Record Check - How Does This Tool Work?

Using domain IP record-checking tools is very straightforward.

  • First, you need to log into the tool.
  • Then, you need to enter the website's domain name and click the search button.
  • Finally, it will show all the domain details, including IP address, location, etc.


1. Can a domain have multiple IP addresses?

Yes, a domain can be mapped to multiple IP addresses. However, it requires two A records, and this approach is known as Round-Robin DNS.

2. How to change the domain IP address?

The steps of changing the domain IP address can be different based on your domain provider. You can generally follow these steps to change the domain IP address.

  • Log in to your domain control panel.
  • Go to the domain settings page and select the domain.
  • Select the relevant A record from the list.
  • Edit the IP address in the Points to field.
  • Save the changes.

    1. How to point the domain to IP address?

    If you need to point a domain to an IP address, you must create an A record (address record for the domain). An A record maps the domain name to the IP address and acts as part of the DNS system. An A record can be easily added to the domain using your domain registrar's name servers.

    1. What translates the domain name to IP address?

    DNS servers and domain IP lookup tools can convert URLs and domain names into IP addresses.

    1. Which utility is used to gather IP and domain information?

    The whois command line utility is widely used to gather IP address and domain information.

    1. How to convert an IP address to a domain name?

    Similar to finding an IP address from the domain, you can find the domain from the IP address. This process is known as reverse IP lookup, and you can use online tools like MX toolbox for this purpose.

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