Courier Live: Branding and white-labeling email notifications

Posted by Aydrian Howard on August 5th, 2020

During our July 29th Courier Live, I was joined by our Head of Customer Success, Nate Munger. Together we discussed our new Brands feature set and walked through using it to send an email.

Check out the video below to watch us:

  • Create a Brand using the Courier Designer

  • Create a Brand using the Courier Brands API using our Python SDK

  • Create a Booking Confirmation notification to use with our new brands

  • Send the notification using multiple brands with the Python SDK¬†

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Grab the Code

During this stream, we used Python to create our Foxhub brand.

Create a Brand using the Courier Python SDK

Check out this Gist to see this script and others used during the stream.

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