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Error: sendgrid invalid email

What's Causing This Error

Whenever you try to send an email to an address that does not comply with internet email formatting standards, or if the email does not present on the recipient's mail server, you will get an invalid email error. This response might originate from either your server or the receiver's mail server.

SendGrid checks the email address format before sending it to ensure that it is legitimate. If the receiver server cannot locate the address, it will return a 550 bounce, indicating that the email address is invalid.

Inactive recipients who don't connect with your content have invalid email addresses. In addition, for a variety of reasons, unengaged email addresses may be invalid:

  • Invalid emails may contain typos or misformatting, preventing them from reaching a legitimate inbox.
  • An email can become invalid if the user's email address changes, leaving the prior email address empty. The biggest cause of emails being invalid is inactivity or lack of engagement.
  • When an inbox provider, such as Earthlink, goes out of business or a server goes down for good, all email domains under that provider become "dead." The emails linked to this defunct domain are similarly invalid.

Here's How To Resolve It

  • Email verification for cleaning or "scrubbing" email lists to increase email deliverability and engagement rates using a variety of digital email verification tools.
  • Sort your email list by why each address signed up for your newsletter. You can use this method to see if your emails are relevant to your readers. If your email communications are irrelevant or out-of-date, it can affect your total engagement rate by lowering open and click-through rates.
  • Contacts can be divided into groups based on their level of interaction. Double-check that it is still legitimate if you come across an email that appears to be graymail. If not, add the address to the unsubscribe or opt-out list.
  • Create a sunset policy. A sunset policy's purpose is to discover disengaged contacts regularly and remove or re-engage them from your email lists.

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