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Courier Live: Building a Low Code Conference Application with Twilio and Typeform

Aydrian Howard

October 07, 2020

Since our September 30th Courier Live happened during the Twilio SIGNAL conference, we did a special stream to highlight using Twilio SMS and SendGrid. Twilio Developer Evangelist Lizzie Siegle joined me for a deep dive of the low code conference application we created for SIGNAL using Typeform, Twilio, SendGrid, Glitch, and Courier. Folks visiting our SIGNAL landing page had the option to RSVP to our Courier Live SIGNAL Sessions. Clicking the RSVP link takes you to a Typeform form that will send an email and optionally an SMS if a phone number is provided. The only code required was a Node.js and Express.js Glitch application to handle incoming webhooks from Typeform and Twilio. We show you how we connected it all together.

Check out the video below to watch us:

  • Use Typeform to collect information and post it to an endpoint using Typeform Webhooks

  • Process the Typeform request and send it to Courier using a Glitch application

  • Use Courier to handle sending an email and an optional SMS message

  • Handle Twilio SMS responses using the same Glitch application

  • Use Courier to send the SMS response based on the token provided.

Be sure to Like the video and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Check out the full project code available on Glitch. You can remix it and create your own low code application to handle notifications using Typeform, Twilio, SendGrid, Glitch, and Courier.

Is there something you’d like to see us do using Courier? Let us know and it might be the subject of our next Courier Live. We stream a new Courier Live every Wednesday at noon Pacific. Follow us on Twitch to be notified when we go live.


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Aydrian Howard

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Build your first notification in minutes

Send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free.

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