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Courier Live: First Look at Notifying Multiple Recipients using Lists

Posted by Aydrian Howard on September 30th, 2020

Check out the video below to watch us:

  • Give an overview of the Lists feature

  • Discuss list organization while creating a couple lists

  • Subscribe new and existing recipients to a list

  • Send to a list using the listId and pattern methods

  • View the List Sends in the Courier Logs

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Using Lists with the Courier Node.js Library

During the stream we used the newly updated Courier Node.js SDK to work with our lists. During this we ran into a few issues and shortly after the stream ended, we released a patch to address them. The following code uses v1.6.1 of the SDK which can be installed using yarn or npm.

Installing the SDK

Creating a List

A list can be created ahead of time or when a recipient subscribes to a list that doesn't exist. We created a couple lists using both methods. List IDs are composed of up to 4 parts separated by a dot. For our example, we are creating a list for Courier Live Alerts so we'll use You can learn more about List ID Pattern guidelines in our help center.

Creating a List

Because the list.put method doesn't return anything, I also added a call to the `list.get` method to show the list had been added.

Subscribing to a List

To add a recipient to a list, you first need to make sure they have a Profile stored in Courier. Here is how you would add a new recipient to a list that will be created on the fly.

Subscribing to a List

Here we created a new recipient profile using the Profiles API and then subscribed them to a new list. Because the lists.subscribe method doesn't return anything, I also added a call to the list.findByRecipientId method to show that the recipient was added to the newly created list.

Sending to a List

Now that we have a couple lists, we can send a notification to them. We can target a specific list by sending using its List ID

Sending to a List

We can target multiple lists by using a pattern. We could send to all subscribers under courier by using the pattern courier.** or we could target all the live lists with the pattern courier.*.live. You can learn more about patterns in our help center. Let's send to every list under courier.

Targeting Multiple Lists

Courier will handle gathering and de-duping all the recipients that satisfy the pattern. Check out the Lists API Reference documentation to learn about all that can be done with lists.

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Aydrian Howard