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Courier [Engineering]

Latest engineering blog posts


APIs Are The Prefabrication Of Software

The evolution of software development has followed a similar trajectory, with APIs serving as the prefab...

Nick Gottlieb

October 12, 2021


How to Set Up Multi-Channel Notifications in Your AWS Stack

In this article, we’ll walk through an example architecture for building your own notification service w...

Seth Carney

September 09, 2021


How I used Unity and Courier to Create a Notification-based Game

I got featured in Courier’s live stream to build a notification-based game with Unity Engine, Courier, T...

Matt Graber

August 19, 2021


Nodemailer and the SaaS Paradox of Choice

In this blog post, we start by diving into Nodemailer, a module that helps send emails from your Node.js...

Tejas Kumthekar

August 12, 2021


Why You Can't Replace REST with GraphQL

The question isn’t necessarily which one is better to use, but which one is better to use for specific c...

Suhas Deshpande

July 08, 2021


How to Add a Notification System to your MVP

At the MVP stage, developers focus on finding product-market fit for their venture. On the one hand, thi...

Troy Goode

July 01, 2021

How Courier Exposes React Elements Thumbnail

How We Built React Components for Any Front End

To make sure teams don’t need to build an in-house solution for a notification systems problem, we adapt...

Riley Napier

June 30, 2021


Who Knew Email Subjects Are So Complicated?

Here is our journey into email subjects upon finding out that Microsoft Outlook didn’t work with certain...

Riley Napier

June 10, 2021


The Three Things to Never Build In Your App: Authentication, Notifications, and Payments

In this post, we use Auth0’s post-user registration hook and Courier’s automations feature to learn how ...

Tejas Kumthekar

May 13, 2021

We Changed Datadog Header Thumbnail

How We Kept Datadog From Blowing Up Our AWS Bill

When Courier’s AWS billings suddenly increased, CTO Seth Carney discovered that data insights tool Datad...

Seth Carney

May 06, 2021


Follow These Considerations For An Effective Push Notification System Design

Push notifications are generally an effective mechanism for user engagement, but it's no longer enough t...

Kevin Krige

April 01, 2021

Scalable Notification Architecture Thumbnail

How to Design a Scalable Notification System

Creating the perfect notification strategy is like walking a tightrope of constantly changing do’s and d...

Kevin Krige

March 16, 2021

Best Push Notification Services Thumbnail

Top 6 Push Notification Services for Developers in 2021

Looking to send push notifications for your application? We compare the top push notification APIs for d...

Anastasia Orlova

March 11, 2021

Build vs. Buy Email Thumbnail

Build vs. Buy: What’s better for a transactional email notification service?

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of building your own notification system for transactional em...

Kevin Krige

March 09, 2021

How to Send Email Using Python Thumbnail

Three Ways to Send Emails Using Python With Code Tutorials

Learn how to send an email in your Python application with SMTP, with a transactional email API, and wit...

Milan Bhardwaj

March 04, 2021

Sending emails in NodeJS

How to Send Emails with Node.js [3 Different Ways + Code Tutorials]

Learn how to send an email in your Node.js application with Nodemailer and SMTP, with a transactional em...

Adeyinka Adegbenro

February 23, 2021

Best transactional email API service (thumbnail image)

Top 6 Transactional Email Services for Developers in 2021

Looking to send transactional emails for your application? We compare the top transactional email API se...

Matthew Setter

February 09, 2021

Twitch Notifications Part 3 Thumbnail

Twitch Notifications (Part Three): How to Create and Notify a List of Subscribers Using Courier

In this tutorial, Aydrian will show you how to extend the Node.js and Express app from part two to send ...

Aydrian Howard

February 04, 2021

Twitch Notifications Part 2 Thumbnail

Twitch Notifications (Part Two): How to Send Notifications When Your Twitch Stream Goes Live

In this tutorial, Aydrian will show you how to listen for events from Twitch and then create and trigger...

Aydrian Howard

January 28, 2021

Twitch Notifications Part 1 Thumbnail

Twitch Notifications (Part One): How to Handle Real-Time Events from Twitch

This series will show you how to use Twitch EventSub and Courier to automatically send notifications to ...

Aydrian Howard

January 21, 2021

M1 Tips and Tricks Thumbnail

Tips and Tricks to Set Up Your Apple M1 for Development

Software Engineer Chris Gradwohl details some tips and tricks around setting up a new Apple M1 machine f...

Chris Gradwohl

January 19, 2021


How to White Label Email Notifications for Multiple Brands

If you've ever had to whitelabel emails manually, you know how much of a headache that can be. Here's ho...

Riley Napier

December 15, 2020

How to send email attachments with S3 (B)

How to Send Emails with Attachments Using Amazon SES and S3

In this tutorial, you'll get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to add attachments to your transactional ...

Aydrian Howard

December 02, 2020

Send emails with Ruby Thumbnail

Tutorial: How to Send Email in a Ruby App

In this tutorial, we’ll show you an easy way to add email functionality to your Ruby app. You’ll learn h...

Aydrian Howard

December 01, 2020

GraphQL Thumbnail

Why We Are Moving off REST and Implementing GraphQL

We’re excited to be moving Courier’s internal infrastructure and eventually our customer-facing APIs to ...

Seth Carney

November 17, 2020

twilio and sendgrid thumbnail

How to Add a Direct Twilio SMS Integration With Sendgrid Emails

In this white paper, we share the strategies we have discovered through our work in building direct inte...

Troy Goode

October 27, 2020

Standardaizing API Post Thumbnail

What to consider when standardizing your REST APIs

Recently, we’ve been working on standardizing some aspects of Courier’s REST APIs, such as naming conven...

Seth Carney

October 06, 2020

notification status thumbnail

Standardizing Message Status Across SendGrid, Twilio, Slack, Firebase, and More

I wanted to share how statuses work today in Courier and some of the things we thought through while bui...

Tony Nguyen

September 17, 2020

Announcing Courier Destination for Segment (thumbnail)

Announcing the Courier Destination for Segment – Send Multi-Channel Notifications With No Code

We’re excited to announce the Courier destination for Segment is publicly available. Product teams can n...

Danny Douglass

November 10, 2020

PM Post Thumbnail

9 Ways Product Management Expectations Differ from Reality

As a former product manager, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed out of college, I remember clearly coming into...

Yehong Zhu

September 01, 2020

Shadow Dom Thumbnail

How to Use The Shadow Dom To Isolate Styles on a DOM That Isnt Yours

Shadow DOM is an API for DOM encapsulation. It's perfect for when you need to embed a widget in a DOM yo...

Riley Napier

August 18, 2020

EDA Thumbnail Image

Why Event Driven Architecture Works for Courier

Event-Driven Architecture: how it works, why we use it at Courier, and what our experience has been like...

Tony Nguyen

August 11, 2020

Build your first notification in minutes

Send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free.

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Build your first notification in minutes

Send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free.

Email & push notification


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