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New Relic integration, CourierJS SDK track call

New Relic integration, CourierJS SDK track call

New Relic observability integration

If your organization uses New Relic, you can now integrate Courier with New Relic to unlock a wealth of critical metrics and insights about your communication workflows. By linking your notification data back to New Relic, you’ll be able to access metrics like messages received, sent, undelivered, and more.

Courier Business plan customers can setup the integration in just a few minutes—all you need is a license key. In Courier, under Channels, navigate to New Relic and enter your license key into the API Key field. You can also use our dashboard starter kit to set up a simple dashboard in New Relic for your Courier data.

More details on this integration and its setup can be found in the docs.

Inbound track event in the CourierJS SDK

Now you can easily track client-side events with CourierJS to provide seamless integration with Courier for personalized communication. Events can be used to trigger automations or supply inline payloads for existing workflows.

You can enhance user identification and personalization by assigning unique IDs to users in Courier and passing user attributes for tailored communication.

This update to CourierJS comes with a demo web app powered by Next.js. For detailed information on this update and SDK usage, refer to the CourierJS SDK repository and Automations inbound triggers.

Improvements and fixes

  • Changelogs have a new home to help you get to the product updates you care about faster.
  • Added support for batch in the Automations API (beta).
  • Added Handlebars helpers for time zone conversion.
  • In the Logs page you can now filter by list message ID, making it easier to trace and manage your logs.
  • Added ability to delete a user, list, or audience directly from the details page and the users table view.
  • Made styling more components in Inbox easier and added support for side-by-side buttons in Inbox 2.0.
  • Made various UI improvements have been made to One-Time Send for a smoother user experience.
  • Renamed Guard Rails feature to “Send limits” in the UI and docs.
  • We've enhanced Courier's ability to help customers recover from provider outages.
  • Updated the format of Quick Starts for our SDKs (Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, and Go) to increase readability and enable users to go from zero to send quickly.
  • Updated RBAC docs to clarify log access.
  • Fixed a bug in One-Time Send that was causing the To field to clear when searching for and selecting a recipient.
  • Fixed a bug in the automations code tab that produced incorrect step order.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple scrollbars would appear when selecting channels in the designer.

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