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You can create and design Inbox messages in our Studio. When adding a new channel, click the "Inbox" button.

Add Inbox Channel

From here you can add an Icon, Title, Body, and Actions to your notification.

Inbox Channel Frame

Differences with Legacy Push Channel

Recently, in 2023, we we live with the new "Inbox" channel. Previously Courier's In-App (Inbox & Toast) was centered around the "Push" channel and the inbox was a merely a history of your push messages. Over the past few years we've come to realize that "Inbox" is more of the star of In-App and Toast messages are the add-on. With this realization, we've made "Inbox" front and center.

  • There is no urgency for customers who are already using Push to migrate to the Inbox channel. Everything will continue to work, although new features will only be built into the Inbox channel... so it is desireable to start using the new channel to stay up to date.
  • New customers will only see the Inbox channel, Push will be hidden moving forward.
  • Customers who had the Courier provider configured prior to the launch of the Inbox channel will see both Push and Inbox.
  • Customers should build new notifications using the Inbox channel. They can have a mix of Inbox and Push in their workspace without any problems.