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Sending a Message

When you're ready to send a message, it's exactly like sending any other Courier notification, with the difference being that you are sending it to the inbox channel.

"message": {
"to": {
"user_id": <USER_ID>
"content": {
"title": "How does {{ villain }} like his toast?",
"body": "On the dark side."
"data": {
"villain": "Darth Vader"
"routing": {
"method": "single",
"channels": ["inbox"]

Passing Data

If you provide information in the data field, it will be passed automatically through to SDK.

Note: If you pass information in data that isn't referenced in your content payload or in a template that you specify, it will still be passed through to your app. For example, this is useful when trying to launch a specific screen in your app on mobile with a deep link:

data.deeplinkUrl =

Using Elemental Syntax

Inbox SDKs support a subset of Elemental syntax for composing messages.