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Using a Template

Instead of defining the content of the entire notification in-line, you can leverage Templates to send a message.

You can create notification templates using the Designer. After you create a template (or edit an existing one), add a new channel and select "Inbox". This will provide you with a blank template that you can use to customize the content that will delivered with that notification.


Note: pinning is not available in the mobile (iOS and Android) SDKs.

When calling the API, simply replace the content field with a template field that defines either a Template ID or an Event ID.

"message": {
"to": {
"user_id": <USER_ID>
"template": <TEMPLATE ID or EVENT ID>,
"data": {
"villian": "Darth Vader"
"routing": {
"method": "single",
"channels": ["inbox"]

Information in data will be passed through, but requires "data mapping" inside of the template's channel settings to pass through to the SDK.

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