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Audit Trail


This feature is available to Business-tier customers.

Audit Trail allows you to track a wide range of user activity for all members in a workspace. The Audit Trail will display supported events related to workspace authentication, security, and core functionality when triggered.

Supported Events


  • API Key Created
  • API Key Deleted
  • API Key Rotated


  • User Invited
  • User Role Changed
  • User Deleted
  • User Logout


  • Workspace Name Changed
  • Workspace Discoverability Updated
  • Workspace Accessibility Updated
  • SSO Required Enabled/Disabled
  • Click-Through Tracking Enabled/Disabled

Design Assets

  • Notification Published
  • Notification Deleted
  • Brand Published
  • Brand Deleted
  • Automation Template Published
  • Automation Template Deleted
  • Preferences Page Published
  • Preferences Notification Linked/Unlinked
  • Preferences Section Created/Deleted
  • Preferences Section Channel Added/Removed
  • Preferences Topic Created/Deleted
  • Preferences Topic Default Status Changed

Outbound Integrations

  • Segment Source Created/Archived/Updated/Restored
  • Rudderstack Source Created/Archived/Updated/Restored

External API support

How to’s and best practices for setting up Courier, using the Notification Designer and other features.

Audit trail functionality is accessible via our public facing APIs including all the SDKs. Check this out for more details.