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Inbox and Tenants

When you send a notification to the Courier Inbox with a tenant context, you send the notification to a separate inbox that is only accessible when the tenantId is configured.

For example, if you send an inbox notification to user1 with context tenantA but do not instantiate the Inbox SDK with tenantA, you will not see the message. This allows you to build inbox configurations mapping to your different workspaces. Alternatively, you can create a global inbox by not sending a tenant_id

Tenant Auto-Infer

Courier may also be auto-inferring the Tenant based on a single-user tenant membership, so if you have created tenant memberships, you need to set up your Inbox and Toast SDKs with a tenantId. More details on auto-infer here


You can instantiate the Courier React Inbox and Toast components

<CourierProvider clientKey="..." userId="user1" tenantId="tenantA">
<Inbox />
<Toast />


clientKey: "...",
userId: "user1",
tenantId: "tenantA",