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User Tenant Preferences

User Preferences in Courier can be further refined by using Tenants. For example, if a user belongs to two tenants, the user can choose to opt out of one tenant's topic and opt in to the other. Adding tenant context allows multiple layers of preferences for a single user. For example, if you design tenants to map to your data objects, e.g., you're a cloud provider and have cloud projects. The user can opt-in to the production notifications for prod-project, but opt-out of notifications for stage-project

Tenant Defaults

If a user has not updated their own preferences for a tenant, they will use the defaults as provided by the tenant. Each tenant can have their own defaults, see more in Default Preferences

Parent Tenant Defaults

When using parent tenants, tenant preferences follow the same hierarchy loading technique described in Parent Tenants. When loading the hierarchy, parent tenants' default preferences will be pulled in first and can updated by child tenants.

Tenant Auto-Infer

Courier may also be auto-inferring the Tenant based on a single-user tenant membership, so if you have created tenant memberships, you need to set up your Inbox and Toast SDKs with a tenantId. More details on auto-infer here