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Courier Live: Getting the Most out of Courier Logs

Aydrian Howard

August 26, 2020

During our August 19th Courier Live, Tony Nguyen from our engineering team joined me to talk about my favorite Courier feature, the logs. We presented a high level overview of the logs and dove into the details of each timeline event in the Courier Application. We then covered how you could retrieve the same information using the Messages API.

Check out the video below to watch us:

  • Explain the basics of the Courier Logs

  • Walk through the lifecycle of a notification

  • Explore the notification statuses

  • Use the Messages API to retrieve message events and history

Be sure to Like the video and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Retrieving Log Details Programmatically

While Courier provides a great graphical experience for viewing their logs, sometimes you need to be able to grab that information as part of a backend process. This can be done using the Messages API.

Listing Messages

You can retrieve a pageable list of log messages using GET /messages.

1 2 3 curl --request GET \ --url \ --header 'authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>'

Fetching a single Message

Once you have a messageId, either from the call above or the response of a send call, you can use it to get more details using GET /messages/{message_id}.

1 2 3 curl --request GET \ --url \ --header 'authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>'

Getting Message History

If you would like to retrieve the details provided in the log details timeline, you can use GET /messages/{message_id}/history.

1 2 3 curl --request GET \ --url \ --header 'authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>'

You can learn more about the Courier API from the Courier API Reference Documentation.

Is there something you’d like to see us do using Courier? Let us know and it might be the subject of our next Courier Live. We stream a new Courier Live every Wednesday at noon Pacific. Follow us on Twitch to be notified when we go live.


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Build your first notification in minutes

Send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free.

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