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Courier Live: Building a No-Code Secret Santa App using Courier, Typeform, and Integromat

Posted by Aydrian Howard on December 16th, 2020

For the Courier Live on December 2nd, I teamed up with Nicolas Grenié, Developer Advocate at Typeform, to have some more #NoCode fun. This time, we learned how to use Courier and Typeform with Integromat, a no-code automation platform. 

We decided to put a twist on the classic Secret Santa gift exchange. People could enter the Secret Santa using a Typeform survey and receive a notification from Courier prompting them to record a short holiday greeting with VideoAsk. Then, on the Monday before Christmas, we'd match all the entries and send them out to people.

Check out the videos below to watch us:

  • Create a Typeform survey to collect people’s contact information.

  • Use Integromat to collect the Typeform data and create a profile in Courier.

  • Trigger a notification using Courier with a link to a VideoAsk.

  • Use Integromat to schedule matching and send the videos using Courier.

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Aydrian Howard