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Courier's Preference Center allows you to easily configure preferences that youd like to offer your recipients. With the baked in hosted preference page, they can control which types notifications they'd like to opt in or out of.

Preferences Designer

The preferences designer is what you will use to configure which notification templates to map to the subscription topics you create. Subscription topics are used to group notification templates under the same preference with its default or user set value. e.g. OPT_IN, OPT_OUT or REQUIRED

If your workspace is on contract tier plan, you can also allow your users to select which channels theyd like to receive notifications through.

Preference Center tab in Designer used to configure your products preferences page

Hosted Page

Rendered page that your users will see if they go to manage their preferences. Its branding can be customized to fit the theme of your existing notifications and logo.

Hosted page with delivery channels customization