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Handlebars Use Cases

Simple Use Cases

Conditionally rendering content

#if blocks can be used to control whether content is rendered.

<!-- equal -->
{{#if (condition (var "some_variable") "==" "show")}}
<div align="center">Hello!</div>

<!-- strict equal -->
{{#if (condition (var "some_variable") "===" "show")}}
<div align="center">Hello!</div>

<!-- not equal -->
{{#if (condition (var "some_variable") "!=" "hide")}}
<div align="center">Hello!</div>

<!-- greater than -->
{{#if (condition (var "some_array.length") ">" 0)}}
<div align="center">Hello!</div>

<!-- greater than or equal -->
{{#if (condition (var "some_array.length") ">=" 0)}}
<div align="center">Hello!</div>

<!-- less than -->
{{#if (condition (var "some_array.length") "<" 0)}}
<div align="center">Hello!</div>

<!-- less than or equal -->
{{#if (condition (var "some_array.length") "<=" 0)}}
<div align="center">Hello!</div>

Pluralizing Text

The formatMessage helper can be used to pluralize text in rendered content. Pluralization respects the ICU format and entries follow Unicode CLDR rules.


Your list contains
"{itemCount, plural,
=0 {no items}
one {# item}
other {# items}

Setting Variables in the payload

Using a Handlebars block, you can transform and set a variable, which can then be used in a template

{{ set "number_rounded (round (var "data.number" )) }}
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Using the intl block for localization

You can wrap Handlebars functions with the intl block in order to access internationalization features including currency, number formatting and dates. See Handlebars-intl for more information.

{{#intl formats=intl.formats locales="en-US"}}
(formatMessage "{winPct, number, maximumFractionDigits=2}" winPct=(var "data.winPct"))